Nemus Slider

Simple and easy-to-use WordPress slider plugin

Simple and easy to use WordPress slider plugin

Nemus Slider is a powerful, yet simple and easy-to-use WordPress slider plugin. It is great to create simple slideshows with photos, videos and HTML content. You can also create automated slides based on your WordPress posts.

  • Interface

    Nemus Slider has a really unique and beautiful interface. It is very simple to use and looks/works great with the default WordPress admin interface.

  • Automated slides

    Create automated slides based on your posts in WordPress. You can use multiple post types, filter them from categories and change the order of the posts.

  • Video support

    Other than regular photos and html content, you have an option to select videos too. Works with Youtube and Vimeo; you just need to paste the video url.

  • For Developers

    Really easy to include the plugin inside a theme, and you have multiple hooks, actions and filters to manage the slider and the slides.

  • Captions

    On each slide, you can define a simple text caption with html codes and shortcodes. You can choose the position of the caption, and you can also choose the animation direction.

  • Embedding

    You can use shortcodes to display the sliders, but you also have the ability to use widgets and custom php functions to include the slider inside the theme files.

Like WordPress Posts

Manage your sliders just like you manage your WordPress Posts.

Slider Options

Each of your sliders can have different settings like autoplay, color, height, animation type and so on...

Regular Slides

Create regular slides with captions, photos and videos from Youtube and Vimeo.

Automated Slides

Display slides automatically based on your WordPress posts and custom post types; you don't need to manually refresh.

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