Professional WordPress Themes and Plugins

WordPress is now the largest and most popular CMS system worldwide. I can provide you with completely customized WordPress future-proof themes and plugins for your blog or CMS!

Powerful WordPress Themes

I build clean, mobile & tablet-friendly Wordpress themes. Easy to configure and use, free from unnecessary functions and regular updates for all of my themes.

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Awesome WordPress Plugins

Extend your WordPress site with easy-to-use and developer-friendly plugins that look and work like they were
there by default.

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  • Quick Support

    In case you ever run into problems, I will be there to help you and you can be sure that you will have your WordPress site up and running without any issue regardless of your experience level

  • Regular Updates

    My themes and plugins are constantly updated to add more functions and to provide maximum compatibility with WordPress. Update the themes and plugins automatically from your WordPress dashboard.

  • Responsive Design

    All of my themes are responsive; this means your website content will automatically scale to different resolutions and it will look great on both desktop and mobile devices, even on tablets.

  • Test Before You Buy

    Before you buy my themes and plugins, you can see both the front-end and the admin back-end in action and see whether the themes and plugins meet your needs. This allows you to choose the best product.

  • Superb Quality

    My philosophy is to make my products simple, easy to use and professional. Themes without extra option panels and ugly designs; plugins with the same look as the native WordPress interface.

  • Documentation

    Every product has its own multi-page documentation containing text, images and video. This will make getting started a whole lot easier for everyone even if you're just starting to use WordPress

Five star rating based on 53 reviews Last counted in 2013 November

Your theme really is solid. I’ve worked with Wordpress since the early days and this is one of the most organized
and fully featured themes I’ve used for sure.


By the way, this theme is GREAT!! It’s so easy to figure out and customize and everyone who has seen it, loves it!


Thank you for the beautiful theme! It really nice!


I love the theme thank you so much for creating it! It’s perfect for our wedding site.


I’d just like to say Viszt Peter has excellent customer support, is very quick to respond and constantly updating this theme.